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Curtain Sale

100% Polyester Material

85% Black Out Curtain

Height (Can Be Customized To The Specific Height You Need) =1m – 2.7m

Sold by per Meter (Width)

How To Buy:

1) Select The Color You Want

2) Specify Your Actual Window Measurements (Width x Height) In The Text Box

curtains singapore

HEIGHT(DROP): Measure the length of the top of the window to the floor. Add 20CM *(Seam + Track Placement Allowance)

WIDTH: Measure the width of the window. Multiply width measurement by 2 to allow for generously full curtains.

3) If  Your Required Width Is 2 Meters Then Click On The “+” Sign Till 2 And Then Click The ADD TO CART Button.


Our friendly customer service staff will be calling you to assist you if you have measured wrongly or purchased insufficient material.

If You Are Unsure On How To Measure, Just Click And Pay For 1m And Type In The Text Box “House Visit”

We Will Then Arrange For Our Curtain Installer To Visit Your Home For An Onsite Measurement.

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1026.6.jpg (616×409)

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1027.4.jpg (432×558)

1027.5.jpg (569×379)

1027.7.jpg (662×442)

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