Standing Curved Bubble Wall-S110 water feature


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Decorative LED curved acrylic water bubble wall
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Model No: S110 water feature
Frame: SBF-Stainless Steel
ABF-Painted Metal
Panel: 13-Acrylic with upright division bar.
13S-Acrylic in curve shape.
13Y-Acrylic with frame aside.
13R-Acrylic with Round division.
Size(inch): 72″x21″ 59″x16″
Dimensions (cm): H183 x L51 H150x L40
Gross Weight(kg): 21 16
Packing: 1pc/2ctns; 1pc/2ctns;
Package Dimension(cm): 195*58*8/55*31*26 161*47*8/43*30*25
Loading Quantity(20/40ft): 215/474pcs 320/710pcs
Water Bubble Table Power: 20w 20w
Combination: Yes
Extended Size(inch): 72″*42″ 72″*63″
59″*32″ 59″*48″
All Electric parts are certified: CE, RoHS,SAA,GS,BS,UL
Remote Control to control Air pump: Yes
Remote Control to control LED light: Yes
Remote Control to control Power: Yes
Water Bubble Table Voltage: 220v
Tempered glass: No

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